Department of Religious Education

Department of Religious Education

Church of God and Saints of Christ
Temple Beth El - Chief Rabbi Phillip E. McNeil


The Department of Religious Education is dedicated to the religious and spiritual edification of the members of the Church of God and Saints of Christ.  The Department oversees each local Sabbath School and has prescribed qualitative standards that ensure consistency in the manner in which each local Sabbath School educates, operates, and is organized.

The Sabbath School fosters learning among the scholars.  To facilitate learning, The Department of Religious Education abides by certain standards and periodically monitors local Sabbath School Departments to ascertain whether or not they are in compliance with established standards. These standards ensure that each scholar receives the quality of education that will help each one to grow spiritually, ethically, and morally thereby unlocking the individual potential.

The Department of Religious Education takes very seriously the responsibility of educating the scholars, for it is by imparting spiritual wisdom to the scholars that each individual will be able to “rightly divide the word of truth.” (2 Timothy 2:15)

Spiritual illumination is an individual thing, but it only comes through the knowledge of truth.  The greatest contribution of the Department of Religious Education is to help each scholar grow spiritually and to instill in each one a yearning for wisdom. The Department of Religious Education seeks to unlock each individual scholar’s spiritual potential in the establishment of a community of faith to the benefit of the church and society at large.


The Department of Religious Education consists of two groups; Oversight and Operations.  The Oversight group consists of General and District officers that provide guidance and direction to the local Sabbath Schools.  The Operations group consists of Education and training, Publications, Creative Expressions, and Technology.  This group provides formalized education, training, tools, materials, and other resources to the local Sabbath Schools, as well as to officers at all levels of the Department of Religious Education. 

Oversight Group

General Officers

  • St. Charmaine Ringwood, General Sabbath School Superintendent
  • St. Anita Brabson, General Secretary
  • St. Christine Reid, General Treasurer
  • St. Wanda Alexander, Assistant General Treasurer
  • St. Khaliah Wilson, Understudy General Treasurer

District Officers

  • St. Rebecca Roberts – District 1 (West) – Regions 1 & 2
  • St. Debbie Benson – District 2 (North) – Region 1
  • St. Shayla Simmons – District 2 (North) – Region 2
  • St. Jewel Madison – District 3 (Central) – Region 1
  • Deacon Arthur White – District 4 (South) – Region 1

Operations Group

  • St. Edna Simmons – Director Education and Training
  • St. La Verne Saunders – Assistant Director Education and Training
  • St. Deborah Coles – Director Creative Expressions        
  • Elder William Wilson – Interim Director Technology